About CodeKnights

On 2nd June 2016, Thursday, four IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) students gather up on a small table in KICT. They were discussed about their recent effort of promoting competitive programming to IIUM students. They've concluded several things:

  1. Most competitive programming platform is simply too hard for normal student.
  2. The timing of the rounds is too inconvenient. Like 1AM in the morning.
  3. IIUM does not have enough participating students to make competitive programming... competitive.

And so, by the same students, CodeKnights was born. It was mainly Amjad's idea. Amjad said something like this:

We're going to host a round every two weeks. And we'll open it to all Malaysian university's student. There will be no prizes, just pure competition and training between universities.

And so that happens. Amjad is now a lecturer at Hebron University, Palestine. And so, this is also open for Hebron University's student.

*The founding father/mother of CodeKnights is Ashraf, Zarir, Ayesha and Amjad, their coach. This is the team that represented IIUM at the ACM-ICPC Singapore Regional Onsite 2015. In early 2017, Soheib, a new IIUM student joined the team. See the original announcement.